It’s easy to run out of ideas with an alkaline diet, especially if you think there aren’t many foods high in alkaline. The things is, there are countless of foods for an alkaline diet. In fact the list of alkaline rich foods you can use as an ingredient or a snack is endless!

To give you some inspiration this week, I went to my acid alkaline food chart and picked my 3 favorite alkaline foods.

1. Lemons

Lemons are super alkalizing foods. I ensure I have a freshly squeezed lemon water most days. I love the taste, and it’s an instant alkaline boost in my diet. If you don’t want to drink lemon water, you could squeeze it over your salad as a simple alkaline salad dressing or check out one of our salad dressing recipes here to give you some inspiration on how to use lemons. By the way, you could also use a lime if you want.

lemon alkaline rich foods


2. Watermelon

I love watermelon. On a hot summer day, my favortite alkaline snack is watermelon, which is one of the most alkaline fruits.

 watermelon alkaline fruits

It’s refreshing, but will give your body a real health boost. It’s high water content will also ensure you remain well hydrated!

3. Broccoli

I eat broccoli several times a week. Always steamed. It’s one of the top alkaline vegetables.

broccoli alkaline vegetables

Research has revealed that broccoli has many health benefits, including lowering the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. Make sure you integrate this super food into your diet! Here’s a few recipes if you don’t just want to eat broccoli by itself. Enjoy!