At the moment I’m obsessed with finding the best and healthiest teas. I’ve recently started testing different detox teas. One teatox I particularly like was the SkinnyMint Teatox, which I’ve recently reviewed. But I’ve been reading some positive reviews about the Tiny Tea detox, so I decided to order the 28 day teatox on Your Tea to put this product to the test.

About Tiny Tea

So what’s this tea all about, and what’s so special about it? Well, the Tiny Tea teatox is all about detoxing. This product is specifically aimed at people wanting to lose weight, which we’ll find out whether that actually happens.

The Tiny Tea ingredients sound very promising. The ingredients work together to give you some pretty astonishing results. The product claims to be able to reduce bloating, help you lose weight, reduce cellulite, increase your energy levels and help with skin problems such as spots. The way all of this is achieved is by helping the body get back to its normal self. TinyTea should help restore the body and help it function properly. The key to all of this is helping restore the digestive system, which in ancient Asian medicine is said to be the key to optimal health. In fact, many of the key ingredients are from Chinese medicine with herbs such as  Jue Ming Zi, He Ye and Shan Zha.

Customer Tiny Tea Reviews

tiny tea reviews So what do users actually think? The customer reviews for Tiny Tea are pretty diverse. Some people love it, others hate it. Some people love the taste, and see great results, such as increased energy, better skin, overall sense of wellbeing and weight loss. While others complain it smells bad, and had them on the toilet all day long. So, the user reviews are inconclusive, but results will depend on the person, and on how much and how long you follow this teatox.

For example, the natural laxatives can cause you to have to go to the toilet more often. That is not really a negative I think, as that’t the point of a cleansing tea. The taste is obviously personal preference, so you’ll either like it or hate it. The Tiny Tea ingredients will either help you or cause you discomfort, but me personally, and this depends on people, am prepared for a little bit of discomfort when doing a cleanse. For example ingredients such as senna tea will make you need the toilet a lot, but this means you’re cleansing your body. You probably don’t want to complain about that when drinking a tea that’s designed to cleanse you. That’s why they call this a teatox.

Tiny Tea Side Effects

tiny tea teatox reviewLots of consumer reviews complain about the TinyTea side effects. While this natural product shouldn’t really produce many side-effects, there is a chance of cramps as this is what some people complain about. This is most likely due to the fact you’re detoxing and the laxatives are flushing out your system.

As with many detox programs, for the first few days, you may see some skin problems such as spots, and an upset stomach. This is not unheard of when doing a detox. Obviosuly, if you’re in pain I would suggest you stop taking this product and go see a doctor. But I’ve not seen any reviews were this has happened. So overall, there shouldn’t really be any real side-effects.

Since this is a teatox, you don’t want to be permanently drinking this tea. The official website states that you can use TinyTea for up to 56 consecutive days. This seems like a long time, and 28 days seems long enough, if not too long. I guess it depends on how you feel while drinking Tiny Tea.

Don’t forget to eat a balanced diet and exercise if you want to optimal results from an experience like this. I don’t agree with starving yourself while just drinking tea, especially if you’re cleansing. You’ll lose too many nutrients. Also, make sure you drink enough water to rehydrate during this experience.

Let me know what your experience has been like, if you’ve tried this product or a similar teatox.