In need of a Super-Quick & Super-Alkaline breakfast smoothie to start your day with a bang? We have you covered, read on and you’ll be drinking your daily dose of alkaline in no time. Here’s the recipe to one of my favourite Alkaline Breakfast Smoothies – healthy, alkaline and tasty – what more could you want?

This alkaline breakfast smoothie has avocado as one of the key ingredients. Honestly, I’m just not an avocado fan. Sure it’s alkaline and healthy, but I just don’t like the taste. If you feel the same way, not to worry. The generous serving of pineapple (which I really love!) hides the avocado taste really well. If you love avocado though, just reduce the amount of pineapple you put in this alkaline smoothie. I always encourage you to experiment, and come up with YOUR perfect alkaline smoothie.

Ingredients for the Super-Alkaline Smoothie for Breakfast

Super-Alkaline Smoothie for Breakfast

  • 1 peeled and chopped Avocado
  • Large Handful of Spinach
  • Large Handful of chopped Cucumber
  • Half a Squeezed Lime
  • Half a Squeezed Lemon
  • 1 chopped Pineapple
  • Mixed Seeds
  • 200ml of pure Water

Throw all the ingredients in your blender, press the blend button, pour in your favourite smoothie glass, and drink your new favorite alkaline breakfast smoothie … have a great (and alkaline!) day 🙂