skinnymint teatox reviewsSkinnyMint promises to reset your body in just 28 days. Over 600,000 customers worldwide have tried this tea programme, but how many were happy and satisfied? We will find out in this skinnymint teatox review.

After reading close to a hundred customer skinnymint teatox reviews, my head was spinning. I read some very mixed reviews – some people love this product, others not so much. So who’s right and is this cleansing / diet product worth recommending or not? Before we go any further, let’s look at the science behind this product and more importantly, the ingredients that make this tea detox work.

What is SkinnyMint?

SkinnyMint is a natural tea detox program, consisting of two different products; morning boost and night cleanse.

I love their website, and the product looks very cool. But that’s not enough, so let’s not be carried away with good marketing, even though this scores them a point. What we need to know is whether this really works!

SkinnyMint Teatox Morning BoostThe benefit of this diet program is that it’s easy. No messy powders or dangerous pills. Instead, you just have two cups of tea a day (two different ones so you won’t get too bored!). In fact the evening tea only needs to be consumed every second evening, which is even better. This program doesn’t involve diets either, but we would recommend you check out some alkaline recipes on this website and ensure you eat healthy for best results (whether you’re detoxing with this particular product or not).

If you decide to try it, you have two options. Either go for the longer and more intensive 28 Day Ultimate Teatox or try the 14 Day Starter Teatox. There’s also a deal called the Besties Value Teatox which basically gives you a discount when buying two 28 Day Ultimate Teatox packages. I think it’s a great idea doing this teatox with a friend to keep motivated and keep going. A few weeks might not seem long, but it’s easy to skip a morning, which might reduce your chances to see results, such as not losing weight.

Ingredients – What’s In It?

Like we said before, this programme consists of two different products which should be used together.

The first one is Morning Boost, which contains five main ingredients:

  • Morning Boost ingredientsGreen Tea – antioxidant
  • Nettle Leaves – natural diuretic
  • Yerba Mate – inhibits appetite
  • Dandelion – digestive
  • Guarana Fruit – cleansing

The second product, which is called Night Cleanse, which contains the following ingredients:

  • Night Cleanse ingredientsGinger root – helps digestion
  • Lemon Grass – relaxant
  • Peppermint – digestive
  • Hawthorn Berries – circulation
  • Orange leaves – helps with constipation
  • Senna leaves – laxative
  • Licorice root – antacid
  • Psyllium Husk – another natural laxative

Any Side Effects?

The good news is that all SkinnyMint ingredients are natural, but even natural ingredients can cause side effects for some people. For example, from experience, ingredients such as senna leaves can be a very effective natural laxative. So bear this in mind, and ensure you start in a weekend where you don’t have too many plans. The Night Cleanse is after all made to “cleanse” you, so be prepared to have to use the bathroom.

Should you have any known allergies, you should clearly check the full ingredient list on their website or the packaging. One case in point is that Morning Boost contains caffeine, so this might be inappropriate for those who suffer a caffeine intolerance. But my  guess is that most people should be fine as the company confirms on their website that they use only natural ingredients. Still, if you’re known to have intolerances easily, do check with them.

Some of the customer SkinnyMint Teatox reviews report side effects such as upset stomachs and so forth, while other reviews report no side effects at all. So it depends on the person, and how sensitive you are to certain teas and their ingredients.

One good way to test the teatox out is to infuse the teabag for a shorter amount of time the first few days. You can then gradually increase the strength of the tea by leaving in the tea bag longer once you get more comfortable with this programme.

If you do experience any side effects from drinking this teatox, then we recommend you seek medical advise immediately.

Does It Work?

There’s plenty of user reviews online that rave about this product. On the official website alone, there’s plenty of very positive customer reviews with stunning before and after pictures showing how well this tea detox product has worked for them.

According to a survey conducted by SkinnyMint, 63% of the respondents said they lost weight using this teatox. That’s not a bad result actually, but it’s hard to judge a product on this. For example, did those that loose weight do anything different. Is it just the tea or did they eat less and / or exercise more? Who nows, but overall 91% of users felt less bloated and 94% of people would actually recommend SkinnyMint to a friend. These statistics are impressive, but like I said above, inconclusive.

So does SkinnyMint Teatox result in losing weight, feeling better and increasing your energy levels? Will you have a feeling of overall wellbeing after following this programme? It’s difficult to say, as we didn’t find any concrete scientific evidence to back up some of the claims SkinnyMint and it’s users are making.

While I like to see scientific evidence before recommending a product, especially a weight-loss product, the before and after prictures on the official website do speak for themselves. I found plenty of positive customer reviews of SkinnyMint Teatox to justify trying this tea detox.