Eating healthy can get expensive. It’s crazy you can get an entire hamburger, fries and soft drink for less than a fresh home made salad. In many cases, a bag of crisps is cheaper than an apple. It’s nuts!

Talking about nuts, while super healthy, they are also super expensive.

But not to worry, I found some of the best ways to save money on food, including health foods and supplements.

How to save money on groceries

Whenever I look at my shopping bill, I become light headed. I mean things are expensive. Especially if you want natural, organic and healthy food in your basket. And I know a lot of people would like to eat more fresh organic food, but the high cost is stopping them from doing so. That’s why I went looking for a way to save money on groceries and especially healthy and organic food.

While you could do what I have done for years, wait until a particular product is on offer and determine what you eat depending on that, it’s not ideal.

So I came up with a better way. A way that gives you cashback whenever you buy anything online. So, as long as you buy your groceries online, you can even get cashback on your groceries, it’s the best solution that I could find.

Get cashback on shopping

Here’s a few examples of the online cashback you could be receiving:

  • Walmart – 7% cashback (great for groceries discounts and some health product deals)
  • GNC – 9.9% cashback (great discount for vitamins, supplements, minerals and herbs)
  • – 8% cashback (deals on over-the-counter health products)
  • eVitamins – 12.5% cashback (deals on vitamins
  • and 10,000 stores worldwide offering you cashback!

This is incredible if you think about the savings you could be experiencing daily. Why would you not use this service?

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save money on groceries