It’s easy for me to post pictures of alkaline smoothies, alkaline recipes and so on. But the posts I’ve enjoyed the mosts are the mindset posts by far – as I truly believe that your mindset is way more important. It will be the difference between you going crazy on alkaline and  eating healthy for a couple of weeks, or eating alkaline and being healthy for the long-term.

So – here’s the truth. Today I didn’t eat alkaline at all. Sure, I had plenty of water, I even felt slightly disgusted about what I ate, so I did a quick cleanse drinking a few glasses of fresh lemon water. But let’s rewind a little.

Not always an alkaline lifestyle

Whenever I mention to people that I run a blog and community of people that are wanting to be healthy and / or live an alkaline lifestyle, they always assume I’m some super strict health nut. That’s only partially true.

The truth is, I go through phases where I’m annoyingly health conscious. I refuse to eat any crap. Fresh, alive foods is all I will have – and I’ll go crazy on portion control.

But then there’s a dark side. Like today. I rarely drink alcohol. I have no issues with alcohol, so I don’t count the days that I stop drinking each time, but I wanted some socialising after an argument I had, and I went off to the pub for a few beers. As I rarely drink (alcohol is acidic!) I felt it the next day. Now, I wasn’t hungover, but I could feel I’d been drinking.

The result was junk food day! I had a huge pizza (bad), a coke (double bad) and a big bag of chocolates. I meant to take a picture to post as a sign of guilt, but the truth is, I enjoyed it. This happens rarely. The thing is, eating crap once in a while isn’t all bad.

So bring it on! What’s your thoughts? Am I evil talking about an alkaline diet and doing the exact opposite or do you relate to this post? Comment below …