I’ve posted a fair few variations on Alkaline Green Smoothie Recipes over the last year. The key to maintaining a healthy diet is variety. Variety in food, smoothies, and exercise. Drinking the same old green smoothie day in day out will get old quickly and probably will lead you to find more tasty alternatives (or go nuts like I did recently: read here).

This new alkaline green smoothie recipe is from the alkalinesisters.com

Alkaline Green Smoothie

New Alkaline Green Smoothie Recipe

6″ piece of cucumber
1 sliced avocado
1″ piece fresh ginger
3 medium Kale leaves
some fresh mint
some fresh parsley
1 cup coconut water
fresh juice of one lime
1-2 tbsp hemp seeds
2-3 drops stevia

Place all ingredients into high speed blender and mix until smooth. Add some water if needed for consistency.

New Alkaline Green Smoothie Recipe