Are you eating 70% water rich food? Most people eat less than 30% water rich foods, make sure you’re not one of them!

You’re diet needs to consist of alive foods, foods that are full of energy. Look around the supermarket next time you’re there – most of the stuff there is not water-rich food. Most of the stuff there isn’t alive, and will provide very little nutrition. It’s a terrible situation, but don’t let choice and convenience rule your  life, especially not health.

Alkaline fruit

Are you eating 70% water rich and alkaline food?

Food like watermelon, is not only super alkaline, it’s water rich, alive and incredibly healthy. A cookie on the other hand, isn’t going to do much good for you.

Reasons to eat water-rich food

You want to eat predominantly water-rich foods, especially when cleansing. In fact, your body will start to cleanse when you eat healthier. Alkaline, water rich foods, will give you more energy, which you’re body can utilise to cleanse your body.

Digestion is a very energy intensive process. So overeating, and especially overeating on unhealthy foods causes you to overload your own system. That’s why you’re so tired after a huge unhealthy meal. You don’t see many people jumping up and down after a huge pepperoni pizza!

If you eat water rich foods, that are easily digested, and the nutrients, easily absorved by your body, you’re body will have sufficient energy to do what it needs to do, including cleansing your body!

Common sense – if you want to be alive, eat alive foods!