When going alkaline at first, there will be a point where you’ll get so fed up with raw vegetables, that all you want to do is go back to your old ways and snack on some processed comfort food. That’s why it’s important to get creative and try new things to avoid getting bored with food. That’s partly why we have found it so easy, even fun, to stay alkaline and not get tempted when we’re out at supermarkets and restaurants.

If you really want to experiment and try new things, you will need some new kitchen equipment, like a food processor for example. I just bought a new Kenwood food processor and thought I’d put up a quick review of it here. The model we went for was a Kenwood Multipro FP920 Food Processor. For all the technical specs and details, you can go the the Kenwood website here.

My favourite part of a food processor is the smoothie maker and this one is no exception. The Kenwood Multipro FP920 Food Processor comes with its own high quality 1.5 litre glass blender and with a total of 34 function, this is a very versatile tool. This machine will definitely be making your life easier in the kitchen. I particularly like that it grinds nuts with ease, which is really handy to add to smoothies and other dishes.

Another great aspect of a food processor is that it might look bulky, but actually it’s great for storage. With a mini blender, a whisk and a smoothie maker all in one, you can save a lot of space as opposed to buying all this stuff separately.

All in all a great purchase and I highly recommend you go and get yourself a food processor, or a blender in the least.

Kenwood Food Processor Review