A long time ago, when I was a teenager, I decided to eat healthy. I mean, really healthy. I read everything I could about healthy eating, researching magazines, buying books and browsing the internet for hours. While I often read highly conflicting arguments which created some confusion, I persevered and ate super healthy alkaline diet for well over a year.

I was strange in that regard. I set my mind to this challenge, and stuck to it. But I say strange, because no one else around me was doing this. I therefore got the odd look. At restaurants, when everyone would order a burger, or a steak, I would have a massive salad. I loved it, and luckily my family were supportive. But friends not always so supportive.

I ended giving up this lifestyle, as the constant nagging about having a drink with friends (remember I was a teenager so peer pressure stacks up), reading conflicting arguments (one article said eat lots of bananas, the next one I read said stay away from bananas or you will DIE!) and the fact that people around me that were eating like pigs were doing pretty well convinced me that all this healthy eating was just just a fruitless adventure. It was pointless, so I gave up.

I ate fairly healthy, but never as extreme as before. As I got older, my eating habits and lifestyle became less healthy. I exercised less and less. I drank more and more. I partied and ignored sleep and eating most weekends. I did not feel that great needless to say.

I knew something had to change, and slowed down. There was nothing wrong with me, but I was worried that something would be if I continued abusing my body in that way. So I started to eat a balanced diet. Plenty of meat, plenty of fish, plenty of fruit, not much alcohol. After a while though I still didn’t feel full of vitality.

So this takes me to the present. A month or so ago, I went to see Tony Robbins. I’ve always been a big fan, and read his books and listened to his cd’s from an early age. I’ve always looked up to Tony Robbins, and seeing him live was always something I’d wanted to do. So I flew to Los Angeles for four days of Tony Robbins at Unleash the Power Within. I did not go there for diet advise (even though I knew that a full day was devoted to energy).

I left that seminar with my wife, and we committed to a 10 day challenge to eat an alkaline diet. A challenge were we were to cut out all the poisons from our lives. This included my much beloved coffee, and other things I took for granted like meat, alcohol and all processed foods. Other things on the list included things like drugs, which we don’t do anyway, so that was easy. Basically eating super healthy and adopting an alkaline diet for 10 days.

I’ll share how our 10 day alkaline diet challenge went and the obstacles we faced in the next post.