It’s always a struggle to find something enjoyable for breakfast when adopting an alkaline diet. But smoothies are a fantastic way to mix up various alkaline and nutritious fruits and vegetables. So let me share one of my favourite alkaline smoothies – the Banana Alkaline Smoothie – a slight twist on the traditional milkshake, just a little healthier and more alkaline.

I’m sure die hard alkaline followers will be shocked. I can hear you say: “Smoothies should have vegetables in them, not fruit!”

Well, I like this one! 🙂

Bananas are naturally sweet and provide a great source of diversity in an otherwise less sweet centered diet.

Are Bananas Alkaline?

Most fruit, and bananas are no exception, are acidic before we actually eat them. However, the good news is that bananas are full of potassium citrate, which when metabolized, becomes potassium bicarbonate. Bicarbonate is an alkalizing mineral compound, making bananas, depending on their ripeness, an alkaline forming food in the body. So bananas are luckily an alkaline sweet treat!

As per to “The pH Balance Diet,” it’s best to let green bananas to ripen until they become speckled before consuming them.

Apart from being alkaline forming, bananas are packed with potassium and are therefore great for the health of the cardiovascular system and the nervous system. One thing I did note when doing some research on bananas is that due to their low water content, bananas have a somewhat higher calorie (around 105) and sugar content. This may be an issue if you’re counting calories, but the benefits of having this delicious and healthy treat far outweigh that in my opinion.

So now that you’re convinced of how healthy this smoothy is, let’s make one!

Banana Alkaline Smoothie

Ingredients (for one big glass):

1 ripe banana (should be speckled)
250 ml of either almond milk or soy milk (which is around 8.5 oz)
1 teaspoons of ground almonds
Optional (not recommended): tablespoon of honey if not sweet enough
Optional (recommended): tablespoon of Udo’s Choice Oil Blend.


This is incredibly easy to make.

Put all the ingredients into a blender and then blend for around half a minute until creamy.

Making a banana alkaline smoothie is quick and easy, and while not the most alkaline smoothie out there, it certainly is healthy and will satisfy your sweet cravings.

Banana Alkaline Smoothie Alkaline Banana Smoothie