Wheatgrass is great for you. It’s full of goodness; some people believe it’s a cure for everything. Wheatgrass does taste horrible though. Not sure what you think, but a wheatgrass drink doesn’t smell or look too great either.

So how do you make drinking wheatgrass easier, and a more pleasant experience?

Before we continue, I’m only talking about wheatgrass powder here, which when I drink it, people have commented looks like sewage water!

Anyone who has visited this alkaline website before, knows that lemons are a real superfruit when it comes to alkalizing your body. So most of the time, when I’m preparing my wheatgrass drink in the morning, I’ll add a quarter or even half a lemon to my wheatgrass water.wheatgrass drink

This takes the untasty edge off the wheatgrass drink. More importantly, it gives you even more of an alkaline boost.

I feel terrific after having this alkaline drink in the morning, and for anyone trying to lose some weight and eat less, whenever I have this lemon wheatgrass drink, which is just a spoonful of wheatgrass powder, some freshly squeezed lemon, and water, my hunger completely disappears.

Next time you prepare your wheatgrass drink, add some lemon, and let me know what you think. Does it make your wheatgrass taste better, worse, or no difference?

Let me know 🙂