I’m a huge fan of TED talks. Once in a while I hear a statistic or an idea that completely blows my mind! This TED talk is one of them. I’ve always been afraid of stress. I try to avoid stress, mostly because all scientific evidence points towards it being evil for your body. Not according to new research!

According to Kelly McGonigal, new research shows that the idea of stress is dangerous. When you believe stress is bad, it affects you negatively. However, research has shown that there are no negative health consequences from stress if you don’t think stress is bad for you. Once again, science proves that your beliefs are of paramount importance.

So change your attitude about stress and embrace it, make it work for you, and let stress push you beyond your limits as opposed to keeping you down.

I highly enourage you to take a few minutes to watch this TED talk by Kelly McGonigal, where she explains the science behind all of this. The conclusion is basically that stress itself isn’t bad. It is only you believing stress is bad, which causes negative health consequences.