There’s so much hype about alkaline diets these days, I’d like to stand back for a minute and look at what is true and what is not. Lots of claims are made about the alkaline diet, some are a little extreme I think, but I clearly believe in the health benefits of an alkaline diet. The all important question is of course “Is an alkaline diet healthy?”

Is an alkaline diet healthy?

I wanted to find a short and easy article to read, that is not biased and easy to understand for the average person out there (i.e. no 20 page scientific study). I came across such an article that answers the question of whether an alkaline is diet healthy or not, which I recommend you read.

Is an alkaline diet healthyI think this article is an important reminder about the importance of looking at the facts when changing your diet and to some extend answers the question of whether an alkaline diet is healthy or not, but without really giving a complete answer. Regardless of the lack of scientific evidence on some claimed benefits of an alkaline diet, I think that adopting an alkaline lifestyle is still an absolute gift to your body. If you’re just following the latest diet fad, I’m sure you’ll get some benefits by removing some bad acidic foods from your diet. The main benefit is of course reaped when eating and living healthily over a long period of time, and not just to loose a little bit of weight. Having said that, I was in no way trying to lose weight, but lost weight rapidly adopting an alkaline lifestyle.

Whenever I start something new, I like to look at all the research, contemplate all the claims and then combine this with my own experience. Using some common sense, eating healthy food, while cutting out some clearly bad things like smoking and drinking, is bound to be a great thing to do for your overall health.

I highly recommend you read the WebMD article above, especially seeing that it is unbiased, with no hype. The conclusion is basically that all the hype around alkaline diets is not all true (or at least not founded scientifically), but that it can certainly improve one’s health. At the end of the day, if you feel amazing when following an alkaline diet, no statistics, studies, or claims will stop you from reaping those benefits. Use some common sense, and if you feel better eating healthier, is this not all the proof you really need?

So is an alkaline diet healthy? I certainly believe so!

Feel free to share your opinions and ideas below!