While many people will start there day off with a cup of coffee and a piece of toast, those passionate about their health will get there smoothie maker out, and prepare a healthy smoothie to start the day off right.

Healthy breakfast smoothies are the absolute best way to kick-start your day, and set you up for vitality and energy for the entire day. But drinking the same smoothie over and over again can get boring, so I picked my 6 favorite healthy breakfast smoothies to bring you some variety. This should allow you to try out a different smoothie everyday for an entire week (and spoil yourself on the Sunday).

All these breakfast smoothie recipes are incredibly easy to make at home, and can be easily adapted, so feel free to mix it up and experiment with ingredients to cater to your own tastes.

1. Alkaline Superfood Smoothie

This is the best looking smoothie on the list. The added spinach adds some serious nutritional value, and alkaline power to your breakfast. The great thing is, the taste of the spinach is hidden by the fruit – bananas, strawberries, and apple.

It’s slightly cumbersome to make, as it’s two separate smoothies, but if you’re I a hurry, and don’t care about the two distinct layers, just add it all together. It won’t look good, but it will still be nice!

Healthy breakfast smoothies

2. Green Tea Smoothie

I tend to start out my day with a cup of green tea – so I was intrigued to find a green tea smoothie. Green tea is antioxidant-rich, making this smoothie a nutritional powerhouse.

The melon in this smoothie is super alkaline, so a fantastic way to start the day. The honey adds a sweet kick to counteract the sometimes bitter green tea taste. However the fruit adds plenty of sugar, so don’t go nuts on the amount of honey you add. Also, try to find a high quality, 100% natural honey.

The almond milk is a healthy non-diary alternative. If you’re not crazy about almond milk, don’t worry, the taste is pretty much disguised by the green tea and the fruit.


green tea smoothie

3. Banana Ginger Smoothie

I’ve tried, I really have, but I just don’t like ginger. But I know some of you do, so I’ve included it anyway, since ginger is really good for you.

Like a lot of the healthy breakfast smoothies I found, this one includes bananas and honey. Here’s the full recipe.

super healthy smoothie

4. Kiwi Smoothies

I absolutely love kiwis – they are tasty, exotic and full of super-healthy nutrients. The banana and blueberries will provide even more vitamins, as both qualify as super-fruits. I prefer to skip the honey in this recipe, since the fruit provides plenty of sugar on its own.

I also change this breakfast smoothie recipe up by replacing the yoghurt with almond milk. This will give you the distinct almond taste, and almond milk is healthier than yoghurt.

Here’s the recipe.

breakfast smoothie recipes

5. Matcha Smoothie

For those who don’t know what matcha is, it’s the new super-food, and it’s finely ground green tea – packed full of anti-oxidants.

This smoothie will boost your energy, and has some weight-loss benefits as well due to the matcha.

It’s not the most spectacular breakfast, but it’s certainly worthy to be in this list due to its health benefits.

Here’s the full recipe.

breakfast smoothie recipe

6. Alkaline Antioxidant Power Smoothie

While fruit smoothies might be tastier, vegetable smoothies are much healthier. If you really want to eat an alkaline diet, you need to eat more vegetables than fruit. The broccoli in particular will give you a major boost in the morning.

I recommend you try one of the pure alkaline, vegetable smoothies on this website (this one or another one) at least once a week if you’re following a smoothie diet. You’ll need a good masticating juicer to prepare this breakfast smoothie.

Full recipe can be found here

breakfast smoothie