If you’re going to follow an alkaline diet very strictly then forget about meat. There’s no meat allowed on an alkaline diet. But I eat meat once in a while and run an alkaline lifestyle blog – how is that even possible? Well, I like eating meat …

meat alkaline dietIf you’re going to eat meat once in a while, it’s no big deal. Sure, you should start out with no meat when you first start an alkaline diet – but after a while, you’re going to want some meat (unless you of course want to go completely vegetarian which is great as well). If you are going to be eating meat while on an alkaline diet – try limiting how much meat and how many times you eat meat!

Here’s some guidelines to follow if you’re going to continue to eat meat when on an alkaline diet:

  • Don’t eat meat more than once a day!
  • Combine the meat you eat with water-rich foods such as salad or steamed vegetables which will help cleanse your body (the meat will clog). On meat eating days, it might be a good idea to eat a very cleansing meal after (so if you have a steak for lunch, have a big salad for dinner).
  • The best time to eat meat is lunch. This will allow your body to digest the meat and you’ll be able to finish the day with something more cleansing. This is always an issue for me, as I always liked going out for dinner in the evening and have an awesome steak. But whenever I do this, I feel the difference at night and in the morning.
  • It’s best to eat free range, organic meats.
  • Avoid red meat and chose less fatty meats.

Remember a great alternative to meat is fish. I eat much more fish than meat – it’s tasty and much healthier. While again not strictly alkaline, it does provide many nutrients your body needs. If you’re a vegan, these nutrients can become an issue. Choose fresh and clean fish.

Hope that helps the meat eating alkaline diet followers out there. Don’t feel too guilty – I eat meat once in a while, really enjoy it and then go back to an awesome salad!