Lots of people overcomplicate the alkaline diet. They get too caught up with what they can eat, what they can’t eat and forget the golden rule of any alkaline diet: “Eat lots of vegetables, and a little bit of fruit”. Seriously, it’s that easy.

Just ensure most of your diet is water-rich and alive food. This is clearly a huge over-simplification but on this blog there’s plenty of information on how to live an alkaline lifestyle and some super easy alkaline recipes to get you started. Also, don’t forget to spice things up by experimenting with new ingredients, new recipes and even eating some acidic food once in a while – no one wants to eat healthy all the time right?

Easy Alkaline Smoothie Recipes

Easy Alkaline RecipesThe easiest alkaline recipe is alkaline smoothies. Smoothies are an incredibly easy way to give your body an alkaline boost. They are easy and fast to make and will give you a bunch of vegetables and fruit in one quick drink.

Here’s just some of favourite easy alkaline smoothies recipes:

Super-Alkaline Smoothie for Breakfast

Healthy Matcha Smoothie

Super Healthy Alkaline Smoothie

Fresh Green Smoothie

Alkaline Avocado Power Shake

Alkaline Antioxidant Power Juice

Easy Alkaline Salad Recipes

Of course, alkaline smoothies are by no way the only easy alkaline recipes out there. The key to an alkaline lifestyle is definitely salads. We absolutely love salads.Easy Alkaline Recipe

Here are 3 easy alkaline recipes to boost your salads and bring some variety to your diet:

Ginger & Lime Salad Dressing

 A super easy alkaline salad

A New Alkaline Salad Dressing

Hopefully these easy alkaline recipes will be enough to give you some inspiration, get you to try some new recipes and live a more alkaline lifestyle. We’ll be adding some more complicated, and even tastier alkaline recipes soon – but these easy alkaline recipes are an absolute must if you want to eat an alkaline diet.  Feel free to share your favourite alkaline recipe below in the comments and we might even include it in our next post 🙂