I’m hearing a lot of talk about the Dr Oz Alkaline Diet and honestly I’m not sure what it is, apart from the fact that Dr Oz is talking about the benefits of an alkaline diet. I did some research on the whole Dr Oz Alkaline Diet buzz and it looks to be pretty much the same alkaline diet I’ve been writing about for a few years now … Maybe Dr Oz is just more popular than me (GASP) …

Dr Oz Alkaline Diet Video

Here’s great video I found where Dr Oz explains that society is facing an acid overload and talks to a nutritionist on the alkaline diet.

Dr Oz Alkaline Diet

The main takeaways are that we are eating too much acid forming foods such as:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Dairy products
  • Meats and poultry

The key is to eat more alkaline producing foods to balance the intake of such acid forming foods.

The graphic presentation on how eating alkaline forming foods can protect your kidneys really made an impact on me and is a must watch.

What is the Dr Oz Alkaline Diet?

The alkaline diet proposed by Dr Oz and dietician Ashley Koff  is that you don’t cut out bad foods, which is incredibly hard (something I’ve been saying all along and am in complete agreement with) but instead eat 2 alkaline food for each acid food. I’d take it a step further and recommend you have more than 2 alkaline foods for each alkaline forming food to not just create a balance but an overpowering domination of healthy and alkaline foods that will support your wellbeing.

Overall a really great and informative video from Dr Oz, so maybe we should start calling it the Dr Oz Alkaline Diet?

Dr Oz Alkaline Diet Tip

Something I’ve not really talked very much about on this website is cooking with alkaline spices and herbs to offset the effects of acid producing foods. Some of the things you could do for example is to add paprika to dishes (this is incredibly tasty anyway!)to even add some chili powder to add some spice. I personally prefer fresh chillies but do occasionally use some chilli powder for convenience. Other tasty and alkaline spices and herbs include parsley, ground ginger and curry, which can all add variety and taste to otherwise boring meals.