Help! I have massive cravings for junk food

Sometimes life get’s you down. No doubt about it. Usually, when you’re committed to a healthy lifestyle, you can overcome cravings for junk food, but sometimes you will cave (you may be the exemption, but the vast majority will cave once in a while – fact).

So is caving to cravings for junk food that bad?

Not really, while I’m no supporter of eating to cover up emotions, sometimes comfort food will provide you with that comfort feeling you are seeking. It’s not a bad thing to let your hear down once in a while, just don’t make it a habit! If you do it every few months, giving into cravings for junk food is certainly not the end of the world!

cravings for junk food

No Junk Food Allowed!

I have a piece of cake sometimes. I even have an ice cream once in a while. But it happens rarely and I make a big thing out of it. I spoil myself. You need to give into cravings sometimes, otherwise, the constant fighting will get your willpower down. Healthy eating should be a fun experience, constantly fighting urges for your favourite unhealthy foods is not a very good way to live.

When to not give into cravings for junk food?

There will be times you’re frustrated and fed up with an area of your life. All you will want to do is go and eat those things you think will make you feel happy. For me personally it tends to be crisps and pizza. I remember when I first adopted an alkaline lifestyle, I had a terrible day.I was fed up with it all, and I stood over the freezer section of the grocery store contemplating whether to have a cheesy pepperoni pizza. At that point I remembered all those times that eating junk food while watching TV made me feel better at one point in time.

I knew that caving to cravings for junk food at that point would lead to a downward spiral. The pizza would lead to a bag of crisps and once your resistance is broken, why not have a coke as well? I knew this would happen, so I remembered my commitment to an alkaline lifestyle, changed my state and walked out of that store with a pineapple (Yes, just one pineapple!). When I got back, I ate some of the pineapple and felt great. I no longer felt fed up, and whatever I was frustrated about had been replaced by a feeling of achievement. I was proud of myself that I stuck to my commitment of great health and vitality, despite a major setback.

craving for junk food

… but I wanted a pizza!

I know that if I had caved into the craving for pizza and other crappy food, I would have felt physically bad (I’ve never felt great after a junk food binge and doubt that you have either!) and emotionally bad (because of letting myself down).

When to give into cravings for bad but tasty food?

Once in a while, when it feels right, I may have a glass of wine when the mood strikes. A dessert after a good meal. An ice cream after a lovely walk on a summer day. But I do not make it into a habit. I know that I don’t need it to change my emotions, and that it will just make me feel even better.

So don’t use comfort food to comfort you, but instead have it to add to an experience. More importantly when you do cave the the inevitable cravings for junk food, enjoy the experience. If you don’t cave, celebrate, if you do give in to the craving, enjoy! Don’t feel bad, you deserve a treat once in a while!

… and when you do cave, make sure you try having something of high quality. When I really fancy a cake, I make sure all the ingredients in there are of great quality. When I have an ice cream, I go to this French lady, who sells the most amazing home made ice cream and really savour it. So when you do pig out, make it worth your while and don’t settle for something mediocre. Instead go for something you absolutely love!