The average person eats a lot of unhealthy things. Even a healthy eater will eat some things he really shouldn’t. Colon cleansing is about ridding your body of that waste, more specifically toxic waste matter. They did it in ancient Greece, but it has recently become incredibly popular. The theory behind cleansing your colon is that undigested food gets stuck in the colon, and this waste can create toxins in the body. So, in effect, a colon cleanse would get rid of that harmful waste.

The scientific community seems to have mixed feelings about colon cleansing, but after doing some research it makes a lot of sense to me. Sure, if you’re looking to lose a lot of weight by starving yourself or even take a quick-fix diet pill, you might not get the results you want. But if you want to do a controlled, healthy and natural colon cleanse, then that does make some sense to me.

In fact before I started the alkaline diet, I went on a week long cleanse. I wanted to start fresh and cleanse my body of all its unhealthy habits. I felt great afterwards, and following a healthier lifestyle after that seemed a lot easier.

The thing to be careful about is the side effects of colon cleansing. One of the side effects can be an electrolyte balance which caused dehydration. So if you’re going to cleanse, make sure you drink more water to compensate. Like I repeatedly say on this blog, make sure you hydrate enough!

If a complete cleanse is too much for you, then you could increase your intake of fiber. You can do this by eating more raw vegetables and fruit. You could also use fiber supplements. But if you want a real colon cleanse, you’ll need to take supplements or drink herbal teas.

After reading some interesting research on the benefits of a proper cleanse, I reviewed some of the best colon cleanse products on the market, and found the 3 top colon cleansers you can try out.

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