Dr Oz Alkaline Diet

Everyone in the US knows Dr Oz right? I remember him from Oprah some years ago now.

I just came across this Alkaline Food Plan on Dr Oz his website. It’s actually developed by registered dietician Ashley Koff and not Dr Oz.

I definitely like the basics of the alkaline food plan she is promoting. It’s pretty much in line with what I’ve been saying for years now – do not give up the foods you love (even if they are somewhat acidic), instead, make sure you have enough alkaline boosting foods in your diet to neutralize some of the  toxic acid. Such an alkaline food plan is way easier to maintain.

Giving up all your favourite foods just won’t work in the long term. Reducing those tasty acidic foods and adding some highly alkaline foods into your diet just works much better. Unless you think you can maintain a purely alkaline diet for ever?

Anyway, check out the Dr Oz Alkaline Diet here