The first thing I did when I started living a healthier lifestyle was to do a complete detox cleanse. I went extreme and did a natural cleanse for nearly a month. That meant special herbal teas, supplements, and a complete change in diet. I learned a lot in that month. Here I’ll show you to do it faster, better and healthier than ever before. That way is a natural colon cleanse.

Important Update

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What is colon cleansing and why do it?

There’s really two ways to cleanse and that’s:

  • Full detox with colon cleanse powder, pills or supplements
  • Colon irrigation (called high colonics)

I’ll be focusing on the first options, namely looking at the best colon cleanse products as I think it’s an easier and better way of doing it. Also, I’ve never seriously considered colon irrigation as an option to be honest.

Before starting a colon detox and taking any sort of supplements, you should consult medical advice if you have any concerns on how they might affect you. I am unable to give medical advice, only share what’s worked for me and others going through this process.

So why would anyone consider doing this? Well, there’s lots of reasons. The first being starting anew. The reason I did it was purely health focused. I committed to living a healthier lifestyle and wanted to get rid of all the horrible things I’d been eating and drinking over the years. Partly it was psychological but there is science behind it as well. The theory is that we build up toxins from the buildup in the colon, which is released in the bloodstream, basically poisoning us. A detox should get rid of much of that buildup.

The result was that I felt better, had more energy and lost weight. Which brings us to the main reason many people do a colon cleanse – to lose weight. We’ll look at the best colon cleanse for weight loss below if that’s what you’re looking for. I was actually shocked how quickly I was losing weight when I combined it with healthier eating and exercise – especially considering that my goal wasn’t weight loss at all – it was to be healthier and have more energy.

Some quick detox tips

  • Drink lots of water!
  • Drink herbal teas such as green tea (no caffeine and full of antioxidants)
  • Add fresh lemon juice to water to make it more alkaline (plus it has a cleansing effect)

What is the best colon cleanser?

To find the answer I did a lot of investigation and undertook many colon cleanse reviews. The main thing I looked for when searching for the best colon cleansing products was scientific evidence (e.g. ingredients) and customer testimonials and reviews. The other criteria was that it needed to be a safe colon cleanse supplement. To select the best colon cleanse product on the market right now me and my team came up with a list of the top 3:

1. Bowtrol Colon Cleanse

Bowtrol Colon Cleanser ReviewI did a complete Bowtrol Colon Cleanse review recently and I came away very impressed.  I favour Bowtrol because it is a completely natural way to detox and has probiotics added to it as the main ingredient.  The customer reviews for Bowtrol were mixed, however there were plenty of very positive testimonials. In fact, the company claims to have 50,000 customers who have all experienced very good results. As with any health products there are always negative results online due to people not reading instructions, not using the product the right way and in some cases just not seeing results. It’s important to understand that even the best colon cleanse pills are not magical. Not everyone will see the same results, as this depends on a lot of factors, including your current lifestyle.

Overall, this product is great for a general detox colon cleanse and / or weight loss.


2. Digest It Colon Cleanse

Digest It Colon Cleanse reviewIn our Digest It Colon Cleanse review we came across some very promising signs that this is one of the best natural colon cleanse products out there. The advertised health benefits of using Digestit include increased energy, weight loss, relieving constipation, and reduced water retention. This natural supplement works partly due to the added probiotics. Digest It has a lot of live probiotic cells contained within (to be exact 9 billion) – this is five times as much as yoghurt for example.

The other key herbal ingredients include Cascara Sagrada Bark, Chinese Rhubard Root and Bentonite Clay among others. These are natural herbal laxatives and intestinal cleansers. The company website talks about a study that was performed to confirm that Digest It Cleanse is indeed safe to take which provides some added comfort. Lastly, we went through many satisfied testimonials and customer reviews for Digest It Colon Cleanse which made it earn its place in the top cleanser supplement list. This product seems to have added tons of value to people’s life – both in terms of health and losing weight.


3. Digestive Science Intensive Colon Cleanse

Digestive Science Intensive Colon Cleanse reviewThere were lots of popular products such as super colon cleanse and acai berry colon cleanse which kept on coming up on our searcher for this review. But we couldn’t find enough customer feedback to justify placing them onto our top 3. Having said that acai berry has become an incredibly popular health and diet  product ingredient, but again, we just couldn’t find the scientific evidence to back up all of the claims.

So to end this list of the best colon cleanse reviews, we investigated Digestive Science Intensive Colon Cleanse. Despite it’s name, it’s not actually that intensive. It uses natural ingredients to create a slow and gentle cleanse over 10 days. So instead of using harsh laxatives, it uses supplements that actually support the digestion system and the GI tract. The company claims that traditional non-natural pills could actually make things worse by creating inflammation within the digestive system. The health benefits the website claims are quite impressive, including losing weight fast, more radiant skin and better digestion. It does this by flushing your system of toxic build-up and removing parasites and bacteria. Their website includes many other health benefits, and the testimonials do seem to support this. We couldn’t seem to find quite as many customer Digestive Science Intensive Colon Cleanse reviews than the other products reviewed here, but these detox pills do show enough promise to try them out.