Recently I’ve been hearing more and more about alkaline water. Intrigued, I decided to find out exactly what it is and why it’s becoming so popular.

Alkaline water is also referred to as ionized water. It’s unique in that it has a pH between 7 and 10 which is alkaline. The thing is, and that’s what confused me, is that spring water is naturally alkaline already because it runs over rock and the minerals are collected by the water (which give it its alkaline properties). You can apparently replicate this effect by buying an alkaline water machine. An alkaline water machine is also called a water ionizing machine. While spring water might be slightly better because it’s natural, buying bottles of water can get expensive and is incredibly bad for the environment. So it might be cheaper to actually buy a water ionizing machine.

I’ve talked a lot about the need to hydrate and drink a lot of water throughout the day. When you’re thirsty it doesn’t mean you should go drink – it actually means you’re already dehydrated. I always keep a full bottle of water next to me and sip throughout the day. I also wrote about making you water more alkaline by adding either baking soda, lemon or pH drops to your water. But having done some more research on alkaline water machines I actually have become really interested. So I decided to do some alkaline water machine reviews and find out which alkaline water filter is the best one to buy.

Alkaline Water Machine Reviews

1. Zen Water System – Countertop Alkaline Water Filter

The best alkaline water filter I found online was a countertop filter made by Zen Water System. The price of this machine is $200, which is pretty high. But I found it on Amazon for a much more affordable $79.95 (which is a 60% discount). At this price it makes sense in terms of actually saving money compared to buying bottled alkaline water.

The reviews for this alkaline water machine are equally impressive – with mostly very satisfied customers.Countertop Alkaline Water Filter reviews

The reviews talk about the great health benefits, the great value and many users agree that the water actually tastes better as well. Here’s a diagram showing exactly how it filter the water and turn ordinary water into alkaline water.

Alkaline Water Machine Reviews

I’ve included a link to Amazon below if you’re interested in finding out more about, or buying the Zen Water System Countertop Alkaline Water Filter. I’m certainly tempted!

2. Alkaline Water Pitcher by Pitcher of Life

Having gone through all the water filters on the market, I also liked the Pitcher of LIFE , which filters water to make it more alkaline. It’s much smaller than our first choice, but that’s a good thing if you’d like to put it in the fridge. I do love cold water in the summer. The product specs look promising, and more importantly, the customer reviews for this alkaline water pitcher are very good. Many people are commenting on the improved health benefits from alkaline water and the quality of the product and customer service by the company. The main reported health benefit of drinking alkaline water seems to be improved energy. It’s difficult to find scientific evidence to support this fact, but honestly, if people using the product report feeling better, that’s a major plus point already. Again, the best price I found was on Amazon – link below: