Salad dressings make or break the salad. When you’re eating salad every day, or at least frequently, it can get a little boring. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for a new alkaline salad dressing recipe.

The key ingredient in this Ginger & Lime Salad Dressing is unsurprisingly limes – which are to some surprisingly alkaline. So you can rest assured that this salad dressing is super alkaline!

Ginger & Lime Salad Dressing Recipe

juice of 1/2 lemon
juice of 2 limes
fresh very finely grated ginger
pinch of fresh ground pepper
1/3c sunflower oil
pinch salt
1/2tsp honey dijon mustard
sweeten with agave til desired- approx 1-2 tbsp.

Ginger & Lime Salad Dressing


This recipe and image is from the Alkaline Sisters

Hope you enjoy it!