best alkaline smoothie recipes

Alkaline Smoothies are awesome if done right. If done wrong, they are, to say the least, not so awesome.

Here’s some recipes to get you started and experimenting with alkaline smoothies.. I recommend starting your day off with one of these amazing alkaline smoothies.

Do bear in mind that some people will love them, while some will hate them. If you love them, drink them every morning! If you hate them, have them once in a while, and add some honey or fruit, and in no time, you will start loving your daily green alkaline smoothies 🙂

It’s an acquired taste for some, but keep trying difference alkaline smoothie recipes, and you’re sure to find some you absolutely love to drink. All the alkaline smoothie recipes here are super healthy and will give you a huge alkaline boost, whenever you drink one.

I love tweaking the ingredients slightly to get the optimal alkaline smoothie recipe and I recommend you to do the same. By the way, if you have a tweak or an additional ingredient, please share it with us as a comment. We love reading your comments!

Here’s some of our top alkaline smoothie recipes we’ve posted: