I wrote a post yesterday on emotions. I haven’t shared any of this before. But I was feeling down, and it got me thinking. The way you feel, the emotions you allow into your mind, will determine whether you truly live an alkaline lifestyle.

Let me put it this way. If you eat perfectly, but are consumed by negative emotions, you’re not going to be all that healthy.

So what’s more important, food or emotions? I really don’t care!

It’s a balance. One without the other, and you’re no better off. You need both to feel fantastic.

Eat healthy, exercise regularly, and limit negative emotions – it’s simple advice – but it works!

The good news, eating healthy will most likely cause you to want to exercise (as you have more energy). If you have more energy and you exercise, you’ll be consumed by constructive emotions, and this will again make you want to eat healthier. On the flip side, unhealthy eating, you won’t want to move, and you’ll feel like crap. This stuff is simple. But common sense is by no way common practise in the world!

How do you rate your life?

Do you have all three, or are you lacking in an area (food, exercise and emotions)?

Comment below, I want to hear from you.