I’m a big believer in holistic and natural treatments for all kinds of problems. It makes sense to deal with the cause, not just the effects of a problem – in fact that’s what the alkaline diet is all about.

So can acne be cured by changing to an alkaline diet. Well, yes and no. It can certainly help, and I doubt it will make it worse. But acne is complicated, there are many different types of acne, and everyone’s skin is different. So while changing diets might work for some people, other’s won’t see much results.

This blog was recently mentioned on an acne blog – which we really appreciate. I agree with the article, flushing out your body of toxins and getting rid of waste is certainly going to help get rid of spots and pimples.

Let’s not forget, an alkaline diet is all about balancing your pH level, but this works slightly different for you skin pH level.

But all in all, it seems clear to me that eating a healthier, less-toxic diet is likely to improve your skin, and than includes getting rid of spots. While there is plenty of medical research to support the link between diet and skin conditions, it still seems a surprise to many that eating right, and treating your body well, can affect the skin. You are what you eat comes to mind here.

So what are some of the best alkaline foods to clear your skin?

  • Well, the first thing is lemon juice. Cleanse out your body using freshly squeezed lemon and add fresh water. This is super-alkaline and will help flush out toxins from your body.
  • If you’re new to this website, bear in mind that fruit, while healthy should be eaten in moderation. This is due to their high sugar content, which can be acidic. Vegetables on the other hand, are superior.
  • Alkaline smoothies are perfect if you’re looking to detox your body quickly. We have plenty of healthy, cleansing smoothie recipes on this website. Start off with fruit smoothies and move towards vegetable smoothies as soon as you get used to the taste. You’ll grow to like it!
  • Cut out acidic foods such as soft drinks, processed foods and sugar. Crisps and chocolate should be avoided as they are associated with pimples.

This approach unfortunately takes some time. You might not see immediate results, and lots of you will get discouraged. But it’s worth pushing through and keep at it, as the results will be worth it. Clearer skin, a feeling of vitality, isn’t that worth changing you diet for?