Losing weight with the alkaline diet is one of the quickest, easiest and most importantly, healthiest ways to lose weight.

Lose Weight Fast With The Alkaline Diet

An effective and fully working digestive system is vital to a slim body. But with the acid overload most of us put our body’s through, you’re body is already working at full capacity and then some just to keep going. That’s where the alkaline diet comes in, which will give your body a major boost in performance. Think about it, when you’re overweight, you’re unlikely to be bubbling with energy right? Do you tend to feel bloated a lot of the time? Well that’s your body telling you to slow down and give it a break.

The alkaline diet just makes sense to me. We all go through phases where we eat low-quality food quickly, and too much of it. Add the copious amounts of caffeine, sugary drinks and alcohol the average person consumes, it’s no wonder your digestive system is having issues processing it all.

Now there’s really two parts to the alkaline diet. There’s the ongoing alkalise lifestyle as I call it and the initial alkaline cleanse or detox. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired and bloated, then it’s probably a good idea to start with cleansing your system out by way of a good old detox. In fact, skipping food and replacing it with liquids can give your digestive system the break it is so desperately asking for, while boosting your ability to absorb important nutrients. Nutrients you get from juices and smoothies are ideal as they’re already in a pre-digested form, so they can be used by your body much quicker.

The main benefit of detoxing is that it frees up digestive energy and allows your body to repair tissues and process toxins instead of digesting junk food. In addition, a detox has the added benefit of taking you away of your old destructive snacking habits and create some new habits.

Three-Day Alkaline Detox Plan

This is the exact same three-day detox plan I use once in a while when I feel a need for a healthy alkaline boost. It involves no food, only liquids. Before you panic, it’s not actually that difficult – in fact you get used to it very quickly and after the three day period, you may even want to make it into a longer detox plan …

If you want to lose weight fast with the alkaline diet, this detox plan is the way to go. But if you really don’t want to cut out food for three days you could have a simple salad, some vegetable snacks such as raw carrots or cucumber or even some almonds throughout the day when hunger kicks in. These are all alkaline and should be easy to digest.

Lose Weight Fast With The Alkaline DietSo let’s get started with the alkaline detox plan. The good news is, it’s ridiculously simple. The whole point is to hydrate your body, boost your alkaline levels and allow your body to recuperate from the bad stuff you’ve been eating for however long. Sothe first step is to increase your water intake (first thing in the morning start drinking water). Water is going to get boring quickly, so add some lemon to your water to mix it up a little, and give the water an alklaine boost (lemons are highly alkalising).

During the day, you can drink herbal teas – I personally go for peppermint tea, camomile tea or green tea – which is full of antioxidants.

The real nutrients will come from fresh fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies. We’ve posted a huge amount of delicious alkaline smoothies and juices on this blog – so browse around and find some you like. I recommend you get all the ingredients before you start your detox – you really don’t want to go to the supermarket and pass the chocolate and crisps sections on day 2! You may cave …

Some of my favourite alkaline smoothies you may want to incorporate in this detox are:

Super Healthy Alkaline Smoothie
Green Peach Smoothie
Alkaline Avocado Power Shake
Alkaline Green Smoothie With A Pineapple Twist

As an extra bonus, you could even start your day with a shot of wheatgrass – which will really boost your alkaline levels and provide you with some vital nutrients. But this is optional.

So like I said, this alkaline detox plan is simple but it does work! Not only can you lose weight fast this way, but it’s actually healthy unlike so many other diets that allow you to lose weight this fast.

Before you begin any kind of detox, I always recommend you consult your doctor – as any kind of dietary changes might not be suitable for you.