I know when I first started the alkaline diet, I was confused. Everytime I was about to put something in my mouth, I opened my macbook and googled it to see whether it was alkaline or not. In some ways it was fun, as I love learning new stuff. It was also kind off a chalenge – you know only eat alkaline foods. But this gets old quickly, and I know some of you are too busy to google foods all the time. So I found a useful Acid Alkaline Diet Chart which graphically shows you exactly what foods are acid and what foods are alkaline.

Acid Alkaline Diet Chart

Acid Alkaline Diet Chart
(Image Source: Pinterest.com)

It’s kind of scary to see where water and soda drinks are on the scale. I’ve not been able to verify each and every food on the acid alkaline diet chart to make sure it’s correct, but it all looks reasonable at first glance. In the end it really doesn’t matter whether it’s pH 4 or 5 or 8 or 9 – the question should always be is it acid or alkaline? In other words, is this going to nourish me, or clog me? Don’t get too caught up in the exact pH numbers, it gets frustrating, especially as each website you go to will tell you a different pH.

Acid Alkaline Diet Video

One thing that amazes me is how terrible soft drinks tend to be. We’ve all been shown how much sugar is in a soft drink for example, and how bad sugar is for us. Even the diet versions have been questioned many times on how healthy they really are (seems like you’re better off drinking the full fat versions). Anyway, I digress. I found a video which summarises the above quite nicely and talks through the detrimental effects of diet soda’s on your body. In case you’re wondering, diet soda is acidic, not alkaline!

If there is one takeaway from all of this it is do not drink soft drinks. I always have a bottle of still water by my side. Even at my desk here, there’s half a bottle of Evian water by my side. If that get’s boring, add a lemon to the water. If that get’s boring, make a cup of herbal tea. I’m actually drinking a cup of green tea right now. The point is – think about what you put in your body. Soft drink, processed snack food, low quality chocolate are all bad for you – you really don’t need a medical degree to figure that out. Instead put some nourishing foods in your body and hydrate constantly with water.

If you’d like to make sure you’re drinking the purest water possible, here are some alkaline water machine reviews.